View the Anchorman System® YouTube Video by tapping the image

View the Anchorman System® YouTube Video by tapping the image

A new and ECO friendly way to dock, moor, and secure watercraft and marine recreation products without all the hard work!

Presenting the amazing Anchorman System®. An Eco friendly set of marine products and boating accessories for your docking needs that use a revolutionary new ground screw anchor to hold your watercraft and water toys. Anchorman System® is a system designed for waterfront owners, boaters, and marinas that simply revolutionizes how watercraft are secured in place. You have found the perfect boat dock accessories for your Aqua Patio, Bennington, Crest, Harris, Malibu, Mastercraft, Premiere, Seadoo, Sea Ray, Starcraft boats, and your personal watercraft PWC.  Your going to just love Anchorman System® order yours today!

This next generation pleasure boat anchor system works with your boat dock and boating equipment.  A system designed to eliminate the back breaking job of installing and un-installing steel and aluminum post piles as the boating season begins and ends.  With the Anchorman System® you install the sea floor ground screw anchors once and simply connect and disconnect mooring lines or optional snap in piles, and buoys in minutes without heavy labor.  Since there is minimal disturbance to the sea floor/lake bottom from augering equipment in and out, this conserves the ecology of the water and eliminates your heavy work so you can spend more time enjoying your watercraft!

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PLEASE SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK – Here is some feedback from an Anchorman System® customer: “My boat (22 ft skiff) just rode out Tropical Storm Andrea on two of your 4 ft mooring anchors. Had winds to ~ 45 mph with some wave action. The moorings held without incident.  Thank you for making such a solid, easy to install product.”  North Carolina, USA.  Share your feedback by tapping the Contact button in the navigation bar above.

Anchorman System® withstands Tropical Storm Andrea

Anchorman System® withstands Tropical Storm Andrea




See the Anchorman System® HD 7:00 Product Overview and Installation Video
See the Anchorman System® HD 3:00 Minute Product Overview Video

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