Download the amazing new interactive book for iPad iPad Mini and Mac iBooks

Download the amazing new interactive book for made for iPad, iPad Mini, and Macs with iBooks

If you have an iPad, iPad Mini, or an Apple Mac you can download an interactive iBook made for the Anchorman System.  Copies of this free interactive publication are available direct from our company’s own Drop Box.

Experience one of the most amazing marine boating and technology publications that you’ve ever read. The multi-touch Anchorman System® book takes advantage of multi-touch gestures, audio, video, and more. It will capture your imagination and take learning to a whole new level. You can flip through a book by sliding a finger along thumbnail images of the pages. Now you’re no longer limited to the flat images in a paper document or on a display. Flick through an entire photo gallery instead. Use your finger tips to rotate a 3D model to see new perspectives. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Written for boaters, waterfront owners, and marine installers to learn and have fun using the most ECO friendly means to secure recreational watercraft today. Learn about the fundamentals of this system, its design, the system components, a complete implementation guide, and the step by step guides to implement the system.


iBook Cover The Anchorman System® - Third Edition

iBook Cover The Anchorman System® – Third Edition


Click Here to Download the free book “The Anchorman System” for the iPad®

Here are the instructions for getting your copy of this exciting free iBook:

  1. Open the iBooks app on your iPad. (This requires an iBooks current version available free by tapping the Appstore icon and searching for iBooks).
  2. This interactive book operates with the iPad, iPad Mini and Mac iBooks Apps.
  3. Tap on the link  above to start your download from Drop Box.  If you are using a Mac go to step 9.
  4. This will open a new Safari browser window on your iPad.  Tap the Download button. There is not much visual feedback.
  5. The download takes a 4-5 minutes or more depending on your internet speed. Let it run.
  6. If you are using an iPad, once then book is fully downloaded, just Tap on the Safari button View in
  7. A the progress wheel will appear in the upper right corner of iBooks as the book loads.
  8. A few minutes later the iBook will launch and appear in iBooks on your iPad.
  9. If you are using a Mac the iBook will be downloaded to your downloads folder.  Just click on the icon for the iBook.  It will launch the app and the iBook.

Adobe PDF DocumentIf you don’t have an Apple iPad or Mac,  you can download a non interactive PDF version of the book on the link  2016 The Anchorman System iBook