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Anchorman System® an amazing marine product designed and built by LaCivita Design, LLC®


Presenting the amazing Anchorman System®, a patent pending Marine Mooring and Docking System designed for simplicity, flexibility, holding power, safety, and ease of use.  It provides for the trouble free attachment of your watercraft, docking lines, buoys, docking poles, PWC, and recreational marine accessories. A simple system that’s easy to use – designed for compacted sand sea floors in fresh and salt water applications. It is an ecologically sound docking and mooring solution for recreational watercraft in waist deep waters.

Forget about bent dock poles, dock and boat damage due to the pull of your boat in heavy wind.  Anchorman System® works with sea floor mounted anchor points that are secured in compacted sand sea/lake floors.  It’s design is simple, safe, and affordable.  Think of it as an outlet on the sea floor for your boat.  It eliminates the hard work of installing and reinstalling equipment each season and works well with boat lifts for quick tie ups and PWCs.


It’s designed to eliminate the back breaking job of installing and uninstalling steel and aluminum post piles as the boating season begins and ends.  With the Anchorman System® you install the sea floor augers once.  You have the flexibility to simply snap in and disconnect your mooring lines, docking poles, buoys, water toys and other equipment in minutes without any heavy labor.

An Innovative System that is Eco Friendly.

Since there is minimal disturbance to the sea floor/lake bottom from augering equipment in and out, this conserves both the ecology of the water and the sea floor.  This also eliminates your heavy work so you can spend more time enjoying your watercraft and water sports!

The Anchorman System provides:

  • A strong and efficient mooring system that can secure watercraft and other marine recreation products
  • Easily self-installed and removed with simple hand tools
  • Virtually maintenance free and dependable with incredible holding power
  • Suitable for both salt and fresh water
  • Made for sea floors and lake bottoms with compressed sand bottom topology.
  • The product is not suitable for gravel, peat, marl, or muck uncompressed sea floors.

The Anchorman System:

  • Does not drag around sea floor and destroy surrounding habitat and marine life
  • Eliminates the need to locate fixed objects on shoreline with the hazards of lines and cables
  • Eliminates the need to have cement blocks and other metal hazards on the sea floor
  • Is a lightweight and compact design
  • Is a quality product composed of the highest quality materials
  • Safe to marine life, kids, adults and pets.


Designed by a company with an eye for design and innovation.

It is the easiest product on the market to initially set up and use.  The patented installation tools permit the customer to deploy and remove the Sand Auger with hand tools and the convenience of working above the surface of the water.  The flexible Anchorman System® base plates allow the customization of the product to your specific application such as a boat slip with docking posts, a free float mooring for a raft or water toy, a buoy mooring for a PWC, and many many other uses.  The Anchorman System® bolt on accessories can be easily reconfigured at any time for new uses.  Best of all, season to season commissioning and decommissioning is quick and simple – just connect your lines with stainless steel J hooks and snap in your docking posts.  It does not get any easier!


The Anchorman System® is safe for children, adults and pets.  All of the surfaces are smooth to the touch without sharp corners or hazards.  It’s also safe to your boat hull too and can minimize damage from unexpected bumps and scrapes.  No more cement blocks or large metal objects to worry about while diving around your swim raft.  No more scoring on your hull from metal poles and bolts.  The materials used in the base plates and docking poles were designed for impact resistance, long life and safety.


Designed for Holding Power, Flexibility and Ease of Use.

The Anchorman System® provides a highly secure, safe, and dependable anchorage with docking ease.  The system is made from high quality 316 Stainless Steel, Aluminum, UV Stabilized Nylon and PVC for the docking posts. The system has a two year product replacement warranty and is designed to last for many years of boating enjoyment.

ANCHORMAN SYSTEM® PRODUCTS  (Images shown below)

  • Anchorman System® Sand Auger Anchor
  • Anchorman System® Base Plate
  • Anchorman System® Docking Post Base Plate
  • Anchorman System® Marine Buoy with Integral Line Holders
  • Anchorman System® Installation Tool Set
  • Anchorman System® All Products